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Haba Ball Track Complementary set Circle Drift

Ball Track Extension Set Circle Drift can be used as a starter pack.
This addition set brings new impetus in the marbling fun: marbles fall from a higher ramp in a funnel, where they make beautiful pirouettes and make a great noise. Their circles are getting faster and smaller until the marbles finally plop through a hole in the middle of the funnel onto the lower track.

Content: 1 Speedbreaker, 1 Speedcircle, 1 Speedsnake Track, 1 Ramp, 1 Cuboid, 1 Cube, 3 Round Pillars, 6 Marbles.
  • with the Speedcircle and the Speedsnake-Bahn new effects come into the ball track constructions
  • the beechwood comes from native forests

Height: 21 cm
Width: 22.5 cm
Length: 44 cm
Material: Beech 
Age of: 4 years
Ball Material: Glass
Ball diameter: 15 mm
Design by: Jan thighs
Weight product: 0.969 kg
Height: 21 cm
Width: 22.5 cm
Length: 44 cm
Article number: 109680


Danger. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small balls. Choking hazard.

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