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Haba Crazy Corral

  • Nighttime is quickly approaching and it is time to get the animals tucked into the barn. But the animals keep running away! The player who manages to corral all five of their animals into the barn first wins the game. 
  •  A good memory and some luck with the die will help you in this crazy corralling game. While playing the game players should try to remember where the other players‘ animals are, as this becomes important during the game! 
  •  Did you roll an animal that is face-up in front of you? Did you roll an animal that is already in the barn? Did you roll the barn symbol? Crazy corral rules dictate what to do! 
  •  An exciting memory game for 2-4 farmers from 4-99 years. Playing time: approx 10 minutes. 
  •  Game contents include: 20 cardboard tiles in four different barn colors, 1 die, 1 sheet of stickers and 1 set of instructions.

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