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Haba 1,2,3 Hex Herbei!

The young sorcerer's apprentices want to pass their final test in the dark enchanted forest. They must be quick and look closely: they shake their magic balls, with the clue tiles inside, and look for an identical silhouette on the game board. When a player discovers one of these details, they come a step closer to their objective. Then the players swap magic balls. The first player to reach the entrance to the sorcerer’s secret room with their figure wins the game.

  • includes 4 bewitched look closely magic balls
  • captivating from the get-go
  • competitive game where everyone plays at the same time


1 game board (8 jigsaw puzzle pieces), 4 magic balls, 4 sorcerer’s apprentices, 4 ball trays, 4 sheets with 34 clue tiles each, 1 set of instructions.

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