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Haba Buggy Numbers

They’re creeping and crawling everywhere! But exactly how many creepy-crawlies are there? The players should remember where the cockroaches, bugs, and their friends are hidden, for they have to find the number rolled on the dice. The player who correctly adds the vermin together and is careful that they don’t uncover too many can collect the most vermin tiles and win.
32 vermin tiles, 1 number die 1 - 6 (green), 1 number die 0 - 3 (yellow), 1 set of game instructions.
• Shuffle all the tiles, place them in the middle of the table and keep both number dice handy.
• Take turns rolling the dice and adding up the numbers. State the sum out loud.
• Turn over tiles and add up the vermin on them until it‘s exactly the total of the dice roll.
• If you turned over tiles with the correct sum, put them in front of you. If not, turn them back over.
• The game ends when there are four or less tiles in the middle. The player with the most vermin tiles wins.

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