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Haba Princess Mix-Max

The four princesses want to have a birthday party in the castle garden. But somehow things have got confused. Who will help Charlie the dog search in the garden for the princesses and everything they need for a party? The player who puts together nine pieces of their princess puzzle first wins the game.
36 princess tiles, 1 Charlie the dog, 1 die, 1 set of instructions.
• Take a tile with a princess‘ torso to start the princess puzzle. Place the rest of the tiles face-up in the middle.
• Place Charlie the dog on one of the princess tiles, and keep the die handy.
• Take turns rolling the die and moving Charlie forward appropriately. Add the corresponding tile to your princess puzzle if it fits.
• Make sure that you follow the princess rules.
• The first player to have a complete princess puzzle in front of them wins the game.

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