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Haba Play Scene Animal First Aid

  • witty detail: all animals can be turned around (sick-healthy)
  • backdrop easy to assemble for playing
  • adaptable, expandable Play World
  • unique: play set includes additional fun game ideas

Vet Iris is very busy at the zoo's animal hospital. The elephant has caught a huge cold in his trunk, the giraffe has a sore throat and the tiger mum is having a baby. All animal figures can be turned around, on one side you see the sick animal, on the other side the healthy animal. The play scene is quickly set up and can be played with from both sides. This allows little zoo fans to create new role-plays time after time.

Contents: 1 vet Iris, 1 elephant, 1 giraffe, 1 crocodile, 1 flamingo, 1 tiger, 1 figure animal tiger kids, 3 play counters, 1 play scene, 1 set of instructions.
Function without
Width 30 cm
Age from 1.5 years

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